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Trickle Net products are handmade, superior quality, extra strong, long lasting and practical feeding nets. We believe they are the best available solution to encourage a natural trickle feeding rhythm and reduce the forage intake of your horse. Our nets are recommended by vets and Nutritionists, they promote health and wellbeing by preventing and managing Laminitis, Colic, Gastric Ulcers, Weight control and stress related behaviours. With virtually no wasted forage you can also save considerable time and money with Trickle Nets. Feeding less, while feeding longer.

“I am really excited to be working with Trickle Net- they have a fantastic product, great for our horses who easily gain weight. Being able to trickle feed whilst stood on the box at events is an excellent way to help promote a healthy gut and keep the horses relaxed too. Plus, at home they keep much cleaner stables as less mess and wastage. And to top it off, they are incredibly hard wearing. I highly recommended Trickle Net” 

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