Sharon has been well respected in the equestrian industry for over 20 years, she has represented her Country on numerous occasions, including the Olympic Games and the World Equestrian Games (to name a few). Sharon is also well regarded  in the equestrian coaching industry.

Sponsorship with Sharon Hunt Eventing enables a platform to promote companies and brands.

Exposure may include:

*Social media coverage

*Personal recommendations by Sharon

*Advertisement at coaching events

*Personal appearances


Sharon and the team would like to take this opportunity to thank the current sponsors for their loyalty and dedication to her team and the industry…..

Red Gorilla’s mission is simple – to offer everyone (not just professionals), high-performance yard products that are built to last. Their products are renowned for their strength and durability; this is reflected by the many awards they have won.

Trickle Net products are high quality robust and practical handmade feeding nets. Our nets encourage trickle feeding at the natural grazing rhythm. Recommended by vets and Nutritionists, Trickle Nets are ideal for weight management, laminitis prevention and recovery, gut health and any situation such as box rest where a slow trickle of forage will keep your horse settled. With virtually no wasted forage you can also save considerable time and money with Trickle Nets. Feeding less, while feeding longer.

The revolutionary StrideFree saddle tree design and the quality design/craftsmanship of our saddles, ensures a comfortable ride for both horse and rider, focusing on biomechanics, equine back health and rider safety. When a horse is properly fitted with a StrideFree saddle, it moves freer, has lengthened stride and no signs of soreness. This remarkable change in the horses’ performance, has equestrians all around the world impressed, and with this, the global demand of StrideFee saddles has put saddle maker Peter Horobin onto the world map.

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KM Elite Products have over 20 years direct experience of the equestrian market and have built up a reputation for distributing the best product in each category. We are continuously searching worldwide to provide our customers with innovative designs and the best horse products available.

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Petrie boots boast high-quality materials, outstanding workmanship and a perfect, custom-made fit.  The unique design possibilities are endless, ranging from special colours, materials and stitching to rhinestone patterns or your initials. Petrie boots combine both comfort and aesthetics to suit any situation, from a relaxed ride in the countryside, to that most impressive moment upon entering the ring.

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Image result for martin collins arenaAt Martin Collins we’re proud to be world leaders in developing revolutionary equestrian surfaces. Our innovative ranges of synthetic surfaces are designed with both performance and durability in mind. We understand the importance of a surface that allows a horse to work to the best of its ability, with minimal risk of injury. With our state-of-the-art testing equipment, on-going scientific research and product development, we’re committed to always being at the forefront of innovative equestrian surface design.

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