Sharon’s wealth of experience and expertise in managing event horses, plus the support and dedicated approach of her experienced team, combined with the wonderful range of facilities available at Darsham’s Farm make it an excellent place for horses requiring respite. 

For each horse an individual rehabilitation programme is undertaken and progress is closely monitored. This could range from providing the horse with a duration of rest and relaxation, to gradually increasing walking, trotting and cantering activities.

As well as superbly  maintained indoor and outdoor schools, gallops, a covered horse walker and lunge pen, we also have a Zamar (Ice Therapy) unit, Laser machine, an Arcequine Microcurrent device, magnetic boots, a close relationship with Rossdales Equine hospital in Newmarket  and a farrier with vast experience in remedial shoeing as required. 

“Providing the horse with the best possible environment and individual care package, increases the chance of full recovery from injury and return to competition.”

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