ownership-pic1Firstly, Sharon would like to take this opportunity to thank her current owners for their incredible support – so wholehearted thanks to Mr and Mrs Davidson, David and Sue Howard, plus, of course, her own family. Owning an event horse offers so many rewards – if you’d like to join in on Sharon’s journey and take up the exciting opportunity to see the inner workings of top level eventing by becoming the owner of an event horse, then do feel welcome to contact Sharon. Here’s a small snap shop of what’s involved… 

With roots in the military, eventing is a sport with a rich heritage and one that Britain is very successful at in terms of medals won at major championships.

As an owner you will be able to go to watch your horse compete at a variety of events, all of which take place in beautiful settings.

You will be welcome to visit your horse at Sharon’s yard and you will be kept up-to-date with his or her progress. Sharon Hunt Eventing offers various event horse ownership and syndicates options. To find out more about ownership opportunities please contact us.

Imagine the thrill of seeing your horse succeed with Sharon and representing your country!

There are so many reasons to become an event horse owner or partner. Not least that we are lucky to compete in some of the most beautiful and prestigious places but that it is so rewarding watching your horse in their journey from Pre Novice to 4*.

A note from Sharon…

My parents would have never dreamed that 14 years ago buying Tankers Town as a very green 4 year old would have brought them so much excitement and enjoyment watching him wearing the union flag, representing our country at the World Games and the Olympics. They equally have as much pleasure watching the young horses at their first competitions and then progressing as Tankers Town has. With my team of horses growing, which includes some incredibly exciting prospects for 2016 and beyond, why not become a part of our team? No matter how great the part. As riders, we cannot exist without the fantastic support of our owners.

I would be delighted to discuss this in more detail.