At Darshams Farm, schooling – in all disciplines of eventing – takes place in many guises and across a variety of facilities on-site providing cohesive, well rounded and comprehensive training for Sharon, her horses and those taking part in coaching clinics.

Within the 45m x 25m indoor school, Sharon is a real advocate of schooling from the ground, often lunging with two reins as a means of properly stretching the horses and working them in a relaxed way as well as in any frame that’s required – deeper or higher – depending on the training goal.  Sharon says: “I find it truly fascinating to watch how the horses work and develop from the ground. Ultimately my goal is to train each horse to achieve maximum output for minimum work and an important part of evaluation process is to be able to watch each horse and how it moves and improves from the ground. This approach also gets me fit too as I’m constantly on my feet and moving so win/win!”

As well as facilitating High Intensity Training (HIT) regimes to build endurance XC, Sharon also  uses the straights of the Trotting Tracks and Gallops at Darshams Farm to frame schooling exercises providing an excellent point of reference for improving both lateral work and straightness. Visitors to Darsham’s Farm should also not be surprised to see Sharon or a member of her team building their own fitness levels by using these areas for long reining!

For young horses, the XC and SJ jumping area provides an authentic re-creation of aspects of the real competitive environment. With some trickier obstacles included – arrowheads and styles, for instance – this is the perfect training ground for the fledgling eventer. More seasoned competitors also benefit from training facilitated in this area, as Sharon uses her wealth of experience to create a range of jumping and schooling exercises to improve competitive performance at all levels.