The facilities on offer at Darshams Farm (Sharon’s resident yard), are extensive – and come together to provide incredible training grounds for horses and riders alike. Riders taking part in clinics or private tuition with Sharon not only benefit from the wealth of experience and expertise of an Olympian event rider who competes at all levels but also get the opportunity to make use of the fabulous facilities on-site.

The 45m x 25m indoor school – complete with Mirrors for Training – offers an undercover, weather-proof and a wax-coated surfaced area for schooling, lunging and other stretching exercises.

The outdoor boarded and full size dressage arena provides the means for the competitive dressage or event horse to become suitably accustomed to competitive conditions. It also aids the rider’s performance in terms of achieving absolute accuracy in the dressage arena – so this is a vital facility for Sharon and the riders she coaches.

The six furlong wood chip canter tracks may sound like the perfect place for interval training and fitness work – and they are – but Sharon has also developed many other schooling exercises that benefit her own event horses and trainee riders undertaking coaching with Sharon.

The jumping field, (which also houses the boarded dressage arena), provides the means to practise both the showing jumping and XC disciplines and is complete with a full array of coloured and rustic fences – perfect for jumping and schooling activities. With the recent addition of multi tier steps, ditches and a water complex, the facilities for cross country training are second to none.

A new 65m x 35m outdoor arena with Ecotrack surface offers superb conditions for multi purpose training with plenty of scope for a huge variety of show jump training exercises.

The 60-acre Darshams Farm set up also facilitates equine rehabilitation for horses across all sporting sectors, not to mention the Sharon Hunt Eventing equine breeding programme. As such, as well as the competitive event yard, there’s a second yard specifically for horses on equine rehabilitation and respite programmes. There is also a separate yard unit supporting the breeding programme with mare and foal boxes and related facilities. Each yard also has its own related paddocks and turning out areas in support of the differing needs of the resident horses in each area; horses on restricted movement as part of a rehabilitation programme, for example, may require turning out is a restricted movement pen whereas a mare and foal will require adequate space, peace and solace for optimum development. Darshams Farm has been carefully set up to be fully geared up to cater for all these needs at the very highest level.

To see Sharon’s yard tour, please feel welcome to watch the video below.

Sharon Hunt Eventing - Yard Tour 2016